Banking And Financial Career After BBA


The Banking and Financial Career after Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) gives innovative, logical thinking to complex problem-solving and analytical mechanisms which are necessary to have a successful career for the banking, savings organizations, credit associations, securities corporations, investment banks, mutual funds executives, leading insurance services company, and finance companies.

Banking and Financial Services is a diligent and highly-honored field of study that prepares students for career options including VP of Commercial Lending, Bank Manager, Investment Banker, Securities Trader, Portfolio Manager, Bank regulator, and Financial Executive.

BBA is influential that was started by comprising of both theoretical and practical studies, to have an advantage over other courses of study in Business and Management organizations. 

When it regards to studying BBA in Nepal, the Ritz College of Engineering And Management is compelled to practice international standards and assume both practical and theoretical programs.

The glorious thought after you complete your degree of Bachelor in Business Administration in Banking and Finance is that you take BBA courses to learn about “Every Pitch Working field of Business” and then you complete courses particular to banking and Finance to be your strength. 

Careers in Banking and Financial after BBA: 

  • Branch Manager 
  • Credit Analyst 
  • Commercial Loan Officer 
  • Senior Credit Officer
  • Loan Review Analyst
  • Relationship Manager
  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Business Banker
  • Commercial Real Estate Lender
  • Agricultural Lender
  • SBA lender
  • Bank Examiner 
  • Treasury Management Analyst 
  • Financial Examiner
  • Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Manager 
  • Comptroller 
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Vice President 
  • Executive Vice President 
  • Senior Vice President 
  • President 
  • Chief Executive Officer

Or you continue your education for an Advanced Postgrad degree:

Often Bachelor of Business Administration degree will provide alumni the opportunity to evolve in an internship of the amazing plan ( and in some cases, it is among the required credits to fulfill).

Even if it is not an opportunity, it will help you well to encounter real-world preparation as you pursue your program.

You could work as a bank bookkeeper during your summer breaks or some financial institutions even provide leadership practice programs in the form of internships.

Talk down to our professors, experts, and our Ritz college of Engineering and Management career services departments to find out options for banking and Financial internships

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