BBA WHY ? Best Majors Of BBA Program in Nepal


The candidate who is interested in business may appraise enrolling in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This degree program focuses mainly on business administration and commerce while permitting students to specialize in a major of their choice.

Students heavily interact with experts from the sector and gain training and experience in their industry. Generally, the BBA program takes four years of studies to complete. 

What is a BBA Program? 

A bachelor in business administration degree is an undergraduate academic program provided by business schools or by business facilities in educational institutes or universities all around the globe. 

It is a four years course comprising both practical and theoretical approaches to make the student aware of all the details of this course. After the successful completion of BBA students can either choose for postgraduate study (MBA) or opt to create a career in various sectors of choice. 

Marketing, financial management, accounting, human resource management, business law, management information system, economics, and organizational behavior are a few of the main subjects in BBA.

Scope of BBA program; BBA graduates have adequate job opportunities. Especially degree holders of BBA courses have high potential jobs in different sectors of business as trainees of the particular fields under the BBA program. 

Beside that, candidates with a BBA degree and few years of work experience will help you to take leadership position in any organization? The starting salary in this profession begins 12 k to 18 k per month. Although it depends on the company’s value in the market and also on your skill and talent.

What is the career option after BBA?

There are numerous career options available to the BBA students in Nepal who are looking for a future in the business world. Many of the students are still unaware of different routes they can go through to make a career in the business industry.  

Let’s explore the career after completion of BBA program and the best undergraduate BBA Programs specialization that every student who is interested in the business sector should consider for a stable employment in the future. 

You might be surprised to see some career choices we’ve mentioned here, so be sure to check every option in the list. 

Let’s get started. 

Undergraduate BBA Programs Specializations

BBA program includes a foundational general education course focusing on the specific business specialization of your choice. Here are common BBA specialization, remember that specialization also depends on the institute which imparts the BBA educational program; 

  1. Business Administration 

The bachelor degree in business administration is for those students who are interested in the administration and management factor of any business. 

Students of this program will understand the basic and theory knowledge of business administration which can be useful in the upcoming days as a business personeel. 

With the degree of business administration, students will get into the management sector of a business, where the possibility for salary and growth is high. Students can even switch sectors. Although, students won’t immediately get a manager’s job. You need to start from the assistant level. 

  1. Accounting

The BBA in Accounting focuses on accounting principles and regulatory laws. It helps students prepare to help businesses in making effective financial decisions and follow regulatory standards. 

Candidates will understand the professional criteria and ethical responsibilities of internal auditors, and they will follow classes on financial, tax, corporate, and management accounting. 

  1. Finance

The BBA in finance specialization program inspects investing financial analysis and international finance. Financial management is about managing and inspecting the cost at different governments as well as a private enterprise. 

students build the necessary skills needed for financial management, such as investment and insurance.  

  1. Marketing

BBA specialization in the marketing course combination of advertising, consumer behavior, public relations, and other effective and useful market research to help a business promote their products and services and improve demand of the market. 

Marketing specialization can cut the path of your career into a specific sector of business administration. It is considered as one of the important sectors that helps businesses to grow rapidly.  

  1. Entrepreneurship 

BBA specialization in entrepreneurship provides knowledge on establishing a business and helping it thrive. 

With a thorough study of organizational principles and concepts and knowledge of effective management skill development. 

  1. Health care

BBA specialization in health care focuses on how to efficiently maintain a health care staff or department by estimating management problems associated with non-medical healthcare staff. 

This course helps students to grow as active personnel in a healthcare environment, and how to solve problems in an effective way or legal and ethical dispute in healthcare services. 

  1. Management

BBA in management provides knowledge in a making business environment better and managed, playing up leadership and team-building skills, and effective decision making.   

This course allows students to understand the complexities associated with decision-making and analyzing stats while managing businesses. Candidates receive amazing managerial skills needed to stand with challenging roles in the corporate world. 

  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is also a BBA specialization that focuses on digital marketing replacing traditional marketing methods for the betterment of the business world. 

This specialization helps students to learn how to market their business products and services online by creating and executing effective strategies, making a brand, leveraging social media, and more.  

  1. Human Resource Management 

BBA specialization in human resource management provides in-depth education on employee growth by applying the skills of effective solution, reservations, payment, and more. 

This course intends to produce great human resources for the management of the business which helps in every prospect of the organizations. 

  1. Hospitality 

BBA specialization in hospitality courses focuses on imparting knowledge of everything about the demanding hospitality sector, and its unique way of customer-oriented business. 

This course enables students to have a successful career as a personnel globally. With these specializations, candidates will surely find a job overseas by acquiring a degree from the right college. However, in the beginning, the salary may not be high but it will grow with time. 

Tips for students: how to choose a specialization in BBA?

Now that you know all the great BBA specialization options, the challenge is to choose the right one. Choosing the ideal specialization is necessary because students will either choose to enroll for further study in related fields or be employed. 

Here are some tips to help you how to opt for the ideal specialization in BBA;

  • Make a list first: Students need to list out all available specializations in the college or university where the candidate decided to enroll. Starting from the right information is the right way to make an informed decision. The above given BBA specialization is some of the common majors provided under the BBA by most of the colleges which will surely save your time to list out the specialization. 
  • Research about it: After knowing the list of the BBA specialization, research on every aspect of each specialization. You need to check things like the total fee or cost of the BBA specialization, the scope of the course, the market value of the degree, the demand, of course, beginning salaries, etc. This will help you narrow down your choice to just a few. 
  • Look for Advantages and disadvantages: Now you have few options for BBA specialization, look for the benefits and drawbacks of the remaining choice, and you will know which is the best one to choose.  
  • What is your choice: From the pros and cons, you can easily choose a specialization you like. After opting, consider what you want, what you are interested in, these things matter a lot cause your chosen specialization will decide your career path. 

Job Prospects of BBA Graduates

A BBA degree will open up the wide option of employment possibility for the graduates easily for different positions in business management. 

While BBA graduates can look for organizations in the market which includes construction, manufacturing, finance, and retail; students can also apply to government agencies. 

Below listed are some of the regarded job profiles one can get after completion of BBA; 

  1. Accountant; One can work as an accountant in the company after passing out BBA course. Accountants ensure documents to be detail-oriented and good at calculating. They need to prepare financial documents and ensure that taxes operation runs smoothly. 
  1. Business Marketer; As a BBA graduate one can find a job easily as a marketing executive. The employee in this position needs to be on the field and need to be good at communication if you need to succeed as a marketing executive. Business marketers come with perks to get a commission on sales. Except for fieldwork as a marketer, one can work as a marketing planner also. Professionals in this position need to market research and make marketing plans for services and products. 
  1. Advertising & PR; Every business requires advertising and PR management to grow. There is a high possibility of employment in this position after the completion of the BBA course cause these are some of the most developing sectors in the industry. Professionals in this position work closely with marketers and coordinate their strategies thoroughly. 
  1. Banker; Employee as a banker is the most stable profession in every country. BBA graduates need to fit their eligibility criteria, which is quite easy, and pass their interviews and exams. Bankers can have a good living, and it is one of the most opt professions, so with your BBA degree, you can go for it. 
  1. Human resources; As a human resource (HR) of a company you need to have great people skills. It is an inseparable department of the company as they ensure the most important people in the company: all the staff is happy. BBA degree holders can apply for HR generalists and HR recruiters. It is a great profession in terms of income also. 
  1. Insurance; This is also a growing sector especially in Nepal where a majority of the population scale fluctuates. Candidates holding a BBA degree can hold major positions in the insurance industry. 
  1. Entrepreneur; BBA course will focus on providing knowledge and skills about starting and managing an enterprise. BBA program will prepare students for all the hard work that comes with establishing a new business. By this course, students will be loaded with skills in accounting, marketing, and management of the organizational structure. 
  1. Financial advisor; This profession is more like an accountant, financial advisor ensures the enterprise’s  financial condition. Although, a financial advisor doesn’t work with taxes. Invested, they manage, allocate, and use the money to make a business successful. People in this profession are responsible to help companies to make smart financial decisions to reduce risk.    
  1. Company Secretary; A personeel in this profession is responsible for corporate and organizational management. The individual in this profession looks after documentation and other necessary aspects of operating an organization smoothly. 

As you can see from the above list of career options and job opportunities, there are adequate things that you can apply for after completion of the BBA course. The program is highly flexible which enables you to enterprises into other sectors of interest and pursue your dreams. 

What Is The Best Course To Do After BBA?

After completion of a BBA course, many courses and specializations are available to choose from and it heavily depends on the interest of the student. 

Choosing the course and career path after BBA is crucial to take off on your professional journey the right way. 

Here are some of the best course to do after the completion of the BBA program; 

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB)
  • Master in Management Studies (MMS)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB)


For all the aspirants who are wondering where to enroll for the BBA program, you deserve the best education in which you’ll get one of the best BBA colleges in Kathmandu Balkumari, Lalitpur. 

This article will surely guide you about the BBA career option and you may end up with the perfect job and stable career path in the business world. 

So, don’t stress more freely, take steps forward for a better tomorrow.

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