Guide to Find Internship for BBA Program in Nepal

Guide to finding BBA Internship in Nepal

Stepping into professional life is a life-changing stage for students, and it is not easy. Students face many challenges when they enter professional life.  Finding the best internship for a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Course in Nepal or abroad is the first step to establishing yourself in the professional world. Internships are the starting point of most students entering into professional life, they give you the skills you need beyond the classroom and workplace, giving you an understanding of real-world problems and preparing you for your first job.  Are you one of the many students who wish to do...


The importance of market exposure for BHM students

Hotel businesses are ideal for anyone who enjoys varied, customer-facing work, and often offers excellent long-term career prospects, along with several additional perks.  Moreover, Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the few career options that curve your path for market exposure.  Due to the hotel’s widespread presence, you can find a job in various places and get a chance to work for an international chain. Market exposure will help you learn diverse cultures and customs, continuing to your experience as professionals. Undertake an industry-specific internship: Having appropriate industry experience is essential and especially convenient if you have a...

Ritz Monsoon Festival

Ritz Monsoon Festival

For those who want to enjoy delicious food with great music and dance; the Ritz College of Engineering and Management organizes the “ Ritz Monsoon festival” with the motto of “ Diversified food with good health and living”  every year. Ritz Monsoon festival is designed to celebrate the skills that our hospitality, events, and cooking students have learned over the last semester. The perfect way to showcase the future students, agents, industry guests, and friends of the college through this warm and fun event. Each monsoon, the Ritz Monsoon festival lets the campus community try their native dishes, dances, music...


BBA WHY ? Best Majors Of BBA Program in Nepal

The candidate who is interested in business may appraise enrolling in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This degree program focuses mainly on business administration and commerce while permitting students to specialize in a major of their choice. Students heavily interact with experts from the sector and gain training and experience in their industry. Generally, the BBA program takes four years of studies to complete.  What is a BBA Program?  A bachelor in business administration degree is an undergraduate academic program provided by business schools or by business facilities in educational institutes or universities all around the globe.  It is a...

Idea Pitching Program

Idea Pitching Program

The Idea Pitching Program was organized at Ritz Hospitality Management college with Dr. Ann Leone Clancy, Principal at Appreciative Coaching Collaborative, and Dr. Virginia Mullin, President at Mullin and Associates.  The main objective of this program was to offer an ideal platform for interested students to share their innovative ideas and test them. This program assists students to explore and share ideas, build a practical mindset, develop rapid problem-solving ability, and understand the viewpoint of others.   The program was run from august 3 to august 5 where they had an idea pitching program with the students of 3rd year. And...

RITZ College-entrance-exam-post

NEW Entrance Exam for BBA,BHM & B.E (Civil) on 27th Feb 2021

Ritz College of Engineering and management would like to announce the entrance examination notice for enrollment in BE Civil, BBA, and BHM for the academic year 2077/78 on 27th Feb 2021.  Admission for the bachelor’s first year is open to students of +2 or equivalent degree holders. Students who attend the entrance exam of the college are selected on the basis of a competition, a motivation interview, and a study portfolio. The registration deadline for the entrance is 27th Feb 2021.  Students who have passed a +2 or equivalent exam acquiring a minimum ‘C’ grade in all subjects are eligible...


Promising Career of BHM Course in Nepal

There are numerous diploma and full-fledged degree courses you can pursue to begin a career after the 12th. But Bachelor’s in Hotel Management (BHM) is the Ideal path to get a successful career.  Do You Know Why? Because the hotel / Hospitality Industry has become the essence of a promising career for students. With the drastically increasing number of employment possibilities, it has become a rainy sector. As of now, there are around 187,000 hotels around the globe.  Analytical data far off the limits of your imagination disclose the endless possibilities in the Hotel/hospitality sector. According to Brandongaille, one new...


The 2077 B.S Saraswati Puja Celebration at Ritz

सरस्वती नमस्तुभ्यं, वरदे कामरूपिणी ।  विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा|| Sarawati Puja is celebrated at every educational institute so is in Ritz College of Engineering & Management. This festival is popular among all the students. Every year, on the auspicious day of Saraswati puja, students and staff of  Ritz come together to seek  blessings from Goddess Saraswati and enjoy the day filled with activities.  This year, the activities were turned down due to COVID-19. But the ceremony did hold a mighty presence of the students, teachers, and Board Members. The short event ended up serving Prasad to everyone.  Saraswati Puja...

B.E. Civil Entrance Result 2021

B.E Civil Entrance Result 2021

Ritz college of Engineering and Management, Entrance Examination Board for the academic year 2077/78. The Entrance results have been published for the information of all the candidates who have appeared in the entrance examination conducted online or under the supervision of our college faculty members from 2021-01-23 to 2021-02-11 at the level of BE Civil. Ritz college of Engineering and Management informs the result of the entrance examination has been made public. According to the results published on Tuesday, 69 candidates have passed the examination. The following successful candidates are qualified for personal interviews and admission.   DOWNLOAD RESULT