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Idea Pitching Program

February 28

The Idea Pitching Program was organized at Ritz Hospitality Management college with Dr. Ann Leone Clancy, Principal at Appreciative Coaching Collaborative, and Dr. Virginia Mullin, President at Mullin and Associates. 

The main objective of this program was to offer an ideal platform for interested students to share their innovative ideas and test them. This program assists students to explore and share ideas, build a practical mindset, develop rapid problem-solving ability, and understand the viewpoint of others.  

The program was run from august 3 to august 5 where they had an idea pitching program with the students of 3rd year. And the topic of this session was “ The uncertainty that we face today, knowing yourself and change in the current scenario where she/he emphasized the significance of positive thinking in a person’s life”.

Dr. Ann focused on the importance of learning about self and pivoting in life with many hands-on activities. Dr. Mullin interacted about how challenges can be converted into opportunities with contemporary examples.

Along with the students, an interaction program was organized for the faculty members of Ritz regarding similar issues and ideas for better teaching and coordination with the students and enhanced learning.

In that program, students prepare themselves well and arise brilliant collective ideas regarding the given title. Students share that this program boosts their skills, enhances the practical thinking power, and understands the benefit of teamwork. 



Date: February 28