Promising Career of BHM Course in Nepal


There are numerous diploma and full-fledged degree courses you can pursue to begin a career after the 12th. But Bachelor’s in Hotel Management (BHM) is the Ideal path to get a successful career. 

Do You Know Why?

Because the hotel / Hospitality Industry has become the essence of a promising career for students. With the drastically increasing number of employment possibilities, it has become a rainy sector. As of now, there are around 187,000 hotels around the globe. 

Analytical data far off the limits of your imagination disclose the endless possibilities in the Hotel/hospitality sector. According to Brandongaille, one new job is added every 2.5 seconds to the hospitality sector. If it is calculated then, the 34560 employments are opening every day! Isn’t it mindblowing?

On today’s date, most of the youth or students are focusing on Engineering and Management degrees, meanwhile, Hotel management gains huge progression. As of now, it is a leading industry that offers adequate opportunities and this leads to the expansion in the number of BHM colleges in Nepal. 

Introduction of Hotel Management

Hotel management is a sector that lies under the hospitality industry that includes supervising the functioning of a hotel area. Many employees are working in different departments of the hotel. All the employees have their duties and responsibilities and completion of that ensures great service. 

Professional hotel management needs some experience in a hotel, whether at the front desk or in housekeeping. But some positions may need a candidate to hold a degree of undergraduate in hotel management or any related field, however, it all depends on the needs of the job and hotel. 

For a high position like as director or vice president, you must hold a graduate-level degree. Many governments and private colleges in Nepal offer degree and diploma programs in hotel management, which has become an attractive and exciting program for a lot of students. 

How is Hotel Management as a Career?

Relating to Nepal, students interested in the hospitality/hotel sector can enroll in Bachelor’s degree in hotel management which is the ideal option. There are many BHM Colleges in Kathmandu and all over Nepal, who aim to impart competitive quality education.    

Diverse Syllabus, structures courses, ultramodern infrastructure, and opportunities to gain international exposure, pursuing a career in hotel management in Nepal or abroad comes with its benefits and perks. 

Hotel management is the program taught in the college under which there is a broad range of subjects concerned with the uprunning aspects of hoteliers. Hotel management educational courses cover topics like ecotourism, marketing, leisure, business administration, and management. 

Hotel management is a sector that seeks immense manpower which makes the hotel management scope very vast. A bachelor’s degree in HM students with skill, discipline, confidence, and trained qualities can find ample opportunity and can pursue a successful career in hotel management as an accounts manager, restaurant and food/beverage service managers, executive housekeepers, and department heads, marketing, and general managers. 

Besides the satisfiable job opportunity, there are some other key benefits of studying Hotel management college in Kathmandu that are:

  • You get a chance to understand the different cultures, foods, and languages by interacting with national and international people which adds a new experience. 
  • Courses give practical experiences over theoretical skills before accessing the real market as a professional.
  • Your career chances are high in abroad or if you want to continue your study there are many Government College in Lalitpur or private colleges all around Nepal which offers quality education HM program. 
  • It is a global industry, you will get countless commercial training chances across continents which you’ll get loaded with soft and hard skills. 
  • These all advantages will make you a successful professional in the hospitality industry and build strong confidence and network. 

In the context of Nepal, Bachelor’s in hospitality management is the golden opportunity the students who opt for hotel management as their career path. There are lots of Bachelor’s Colleges in Kathmandu which ensures a flourishing career of students and helps students to build professional competencies and attributes. 

Jump into the Hotel Management Career After Bachelor Studies

Over 80%of graduates have career options available in their related field after and even before completing their bachelor’s degree. After completing the 4 years program of BHM, graduates can continue their study by enrolling MBA in Hotel management also to get a high level of professional position in the hotel industry. 

There are many jobs one gets with a degree in hotel/ hospitality management. Let’s explore terrific career options closely which is available to you in the Hospitality industry: 

  1. Hotel Manager

Professionals working in such a job profile are responsible for the overall functions of a hotel. Individuals in this job are responsible for exerting the standard of services served to guests or customers and also ensure that all services are offered to customers.  

A hotel manager maintains the operation of the housekeeping department, ensures the quality of food, and is also included with the overall operation of the banquet department. Professional is responsible for enhancing the revenue earned by the inn. 

Average salary; According to hotel managers earn a median salary of $110950.

Check out a popular list of hotel management colleges in Kathmandu offering Bachelor’s degrees in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

  1. Front Office Manager

Professionals working one is responsible to supervise the receptionists maintain, reservation clerks, bell boy, information clerks, and, doorman. They are responsible to organize the housekeeping department and food and beverage department at the exact time to assure that requirements made by customers are served on time. 

Average salary; According to, the average salary of a front office manager earn is $48,742. 

  1. Restaurant and Food Manager

The primary duty of the individual working in this position is entrusted to take a supply of cleaning supplies, cutlery, paper, linens, furniture of the organizations. They are also the individual supervision of managing equipment maintenance and repairs. 

Average salary; According to, the restaurant and food service manager earn a median salary of $73,208.  

  1. Cabin Crew

Professionals working in such job need to join the aviation industry and is responsible to ensure the safety of passengers on board an aircraft. Besides this, the cabin crew also serves refreshments to passengers on an aircraft. 

Average salary; According to, the cabin crew earns a median salary of $77,620. 

  1. Chief

Professionals in these job profiles are responsible for preparing meals, ordering supplies, training kitchen staff, planning menus, managing the kitchen budgets, supervising regulation of health and safety, and maintaining food quality. Chefs are normally the first staff to reach work and the last ones to leave. 

Average salary; According to, the chief earns an average salary of $768283. 

  1. Food and Beverage Manager

Professional in these job profiles are responsible to organize, plan, and monitoring the task of the catering department. Individuals in these profiles normally ensure with the work of interacting with customers and entrusted that the demands of customers are fulfilled. 

Average salary; According to, the food and beverage manager earns a median salary of $75539. 

  1.  Housekeeping manager 

Professional in these job profiles are responsible for entrusting the whole hotel property, from the guest rooms, banquet halls, meeting rooms to the reception premises is well maintained and clean. Individuals in these profiles are responsible for training employees, making rosters, and supervising the task of housekeepers, seamstress, and cleaners. They also ensure the job of ordering cleaning tools promptly.  

Average salary; According to, the housekeeping manager earns a median salary of $ 78276. 

  1. Travel coordinator 

Professional in these job profiles are responsible for organizing the travel arrangements of organizations, which can be a college, office, or university. In this job, staff duties may include reserving rooms in hotels, booking flights, connecting organizations, and the hotel.   

Average salary; According to, the travel coordinator earns a median salary of $59,722. 

  1. Steward/ Stewardess  

Professionals in these job profiles are responsible for ensuring that cutlery is laid out at the hotel’s restaurants as per requirement. They are entrusted with the banquet rooms to have enough and proper furnishing. They are responsible for serving food in room service quickly and accurately. 

Average salary; According to, the steward earns a median salary of $ 44656.

Which degree is best for a hotel management career? 

Post Graduate (PG) Hotel Management courses

  • Master of Hotel Management (MHM)
  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM)
  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • MBA Hospitality 

Under Graduate (UG) Hotel Management courses

  • Bachelor in Hotel and Catering Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management  
  • BSc in Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism 

Besides this, there are many degree courses students can enroll on certificate and diploma courses in hotel/ hospitality management. Many famous hotel management colleges around Balkumari Kathmandu provide the required skills, educations, job placement, internships, and quality training throughout their student’s lids which leads them to a successful hospitality career. 

What to do After the BHM Course in Nepal?

As you know from the above-mentioned sections, opportunities after completing hotel management are numerous. After acquiring a degree in hotel management, one is not will only explore job opportunities in Nepal but open up a large number of options in abroad countries like the USA, New Zealand, Dubai, Canada, etc. below mentioned are some of the career options students have after a hotel management degree;

  • Hotel/ Resort/ Spas
  • Restaurants/ Clubs/ Bars
  • In-Flight operations/ Airline kitchens
  • Cruise liners
  • Chain hotels 

Cherish the endless opportunity of the hotel industry 

With the explosion of the tourism/hospitality/hotel industry, there has been an extreme increment in the number of the hotel and resorts in Nepal, hotel management courses are in high demand. 

Due to the high development of the internet, numbers of travel are increasing day by day, business activities are drastically active. In cities and urban areas, popular chain hotels and hotels are established to provide outstanding customer service.  

The hotel industry is the most desired subject by the students nowadays cause opting for this industry means cultivating unforgettable experiences for people globally. In Nepal alone, tourists spend millions of dollars every day. Income generated through the tourism sector and generated from both business and leisure; travel, lodging, sightseeing, entertainment, rafting, mountaineering, and food and beverages. That’s why the hospitality industry operates all day, each day for the whole year.

We hope this article is going to be beneficial if you are considering to enroll a hotel management career. For more information or guidance, feel free to contact us, and don’t forget to leave your feedback as well, so that we can also improve in the future. 

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