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Ritz Monsoon Festival

For those who want to enjoy delicious food with great music and dance; the Ritz College of Engineering and Management organizes the “ Ritz Monsoon festival” with the motto of “ Diversified food with good health and living”  every year.

Ritz Monsoon festival is designed to celebrate the skills of the BHM students for hospitality, BBA students for management and BE students for overall concept and execution, that the students have learned on their last semester. The perfect way to showcase the future of the students, agents, industry guests, and friends of the college through this warm and fun event.

Each monsoon, the Ritz Mansoon festival lets the campus community try their native dishes, dances, music from cultures around the country right in the middle of campus. 

The food and performance are prepared by student groups that involved and dedicate themselves seasonal to celebrating their own cultures and heritage. 

Different cultural cuisine becomes the highlight of the “ Ritz Monsoon festival” event with the crowd gathered around and dancing to the beat of the music, which was later followed by a musical perfromance from Sugam Pokharel, with wide varieties of cultural dance. The catch here is to keep the students, guests, friends pre-occupied with the spot and help them get a break from dull college life.

This event is a clear example of practical oriented teaching. Where students learned about different cuisine, event management, developing customer relations, and food hygiene, etc. Along with the food, various hidden talent musicians, singers, within the college and also bands are being called to entertain the event.


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