The importance of market exposure for BHM students


Hotel businesses are ideal for anyone who enjoys varied, customer-facing work, and often offers excellent long-term career prospects, along with several additional perks. 

Moreover, Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the few career options that curve your path for market exposure. 

Due to the hotel’s widespread presence, you can find a job in various places and get a chance to work for an international chain.

Market exposure will help you learn diverse cultures and customs, continuing to your experience as professionals.

  1. Undertake an industry-specific internship:

Having appropriate industry experience is essential and especially convenient if you have a specialist area in mind.

Even if you don’t, it’s a great way of establishing what you do enjoy (and what you don’t), while picking up vital skills and expertise you can carry with you into the world of work after graduating.

During your intership, ensure you’re offered admittance to all fields of the business and show your energy as you go. 

A business who sees an excited and willing to learn employee is probably going to reward them with increased duties, which will just look good for you later down the line. 

A review additionally proposed that businesses in the hotel industries consider any type of formal preparing finished during your degree program, for example, internships to be thoroughly significant.

Fruit and vegetable carving festival BHM.
  1. Identify what you want to concentrate on:

There are two sides to working in the hotel industry i.e. the operational and the corporate side.

With such huge scope and opportunities there’s everywhere for improvement, the earlier you acknowledge which niche area you want to specialize in, the better. 

The bachelor in Hotel management at Ritz College of Engineering and Management allows students to specialize in hotel management or food& beverage and restaurant management.

Thus, regardless of whether you try to deal with a five-star hotel resort or run your team in a café, you may likewise need to consider getting some insight to assist you with getting

  1.  Establish a network:

No matter which industry you aspire to work in, building your network is vital as your connections have the potential to take you far and wide.  Although it may be a challenge to start with, the only way to improve is to get yourself out there and start practicing!

Networking can be done practically anywhere. Whether it’s during class with your peers while enrolled in an internship or attending events such as career fairs and educations tours.

As much as networking is about building valuable contacts that can help you access other opportunities, you can also learn from them and further your knowledge of the industry. 

Students at the Ritz college of engineering and management have the opportunity to attend an ideal pitching program where offering advice to students about the specific skills and knowledge they will need to get into the industry. 

Practical exposure to BHM students at Ritz College.
  1. Your employability is high:

BHM program outfits you with abilities that assist you with understanding the latest things in the business. This program likewise encourages you show people-dealing with abilities and basic thought as a portion of your every day life. 

These abilities are what the hotel business searches for in their experts. The more abilities and skills you are, the higher your employability is. 

The hotel business produces a huge amount of income and occupations, which impacts the worldwide economy just as the work rate. Examining hotel management gives you an edge over different experts on the world because of its flexibility and wide reach.

  1. Boost your market exposure with personal branding:

For those hoping to advance their hotel or hospitality career to the very top, personal branding is a more powerful aspect. Essentially, personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself as a brand.

This means promoting what you have to offer, highlighting your unique qualities, and keeping the message you put out about yourself consistent.

When it comes to personal branding, looking after your online presence is of the foremost crucial. This is because many recruiters and employers will carry out an online check before inviting you to an interview. 

For instance, you should manage your social media accounts, ensuring that public information on Facebook and Twitter is appropriate and consistent with what you are presenting on Linkedin. 

You can also boost your online presence further, creating a personal homepage on a platform like About.Me. 

Ritz College BHM students participating at Fruit and Vegetable carving festival.
  1. Let recruitment agencies help you with your hotel career:

Another option is to allow recruitment agencies and experts to help you with your job search. Put simply, a recruitment agency serves as an intermediary, sourcing suitable candidates for vacant jobs. 

Although they tend to work primarily on behalf of employers, many also assist candidates too.

It can be important to capitalize on the expertise of recruiters, especially given they will generally have significant experience and splendid industry contacts. 

They may be able to provide you with information about job vacancies, advice on interview techniques, and tips on how to make yourself a more attractive prospect for hotels.

  1. Master your soft skillset: 

Despite the fact that your specific skills can get you noticed, it’s your delicate skills that will be depended on numerous moments should you need to prevail in the business. 

The hotel business is high speed, that normally requesting people who are versatile, tough, and ready to utilize their initiative. 

Working in hotel is, obviously, both a team-orientated and client confronting job, where lines of communications should always be clear, positive and skillful, with energy consistently out of this world.

Remember: it’s all about service with a smile, and knowing the customer is always right (especially in the hotel industry)!

If you are seeking work that supports you to understand the market exposure within the hotel industry, the job boards this article can be an ideal place to begin your search.

Final words:

BHM involves the management of anything that is related to the hotel industry. if you need to acquire a foothold in this program, you should find out pretty much all the techniques of managing a hotel business including marketing, hotel service, cooking management, housekeeping, and accounts.

The primary goal behind learning ins and outs of hotel management is to run a hotel successfully while managing the other aspects of the business at the same time.

Hotel industry is one of the best sectors to work in and it pays well too. If you are planning on taking up a hotel management course, go right ahead and do it.

After all, the best things happen to those who dream!

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