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On November 28, 2019, the Ritz College of Engineering and Management organized a short ‘Orientation Program’, in order to welcome the new students for the academic session program 2076. 

The program was conducted in Crown Imperial, Ravi Bhawan from 8:00 am.

Main Motto of the Orientation Program: Mr. Tulsi Ram Rijal Principal of the Ritz College express that “Every year we organize an orientation program for new students to help them to make a smooth switch into the Ritz life and assure their future with Ritz.” Our main moto is to serve experience and generate opportunities that are informed by the academic outlook and practices of the college, via which alumni will be able to grab their career, challenges their beliefs, and grow thoroughly socially, brilliantly, and emotionally. 

Schedule of Orientation Program

The MC for the Orientation program was Mr. Jeet Shrestha (BHM Coordinator). The ceremony was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Guest Ganesh Kumar Pahadi, followed by a quick speech from the Vice-Principle Dayanidhi Adhikari.

The CEO of the Himal Education Foundation, Mr. Gambhirman Tandukar gave a short presentation on education highlighting the luxury career opportunity for the BHM students. The program continued through several speeches from the experienced personality, followed by the scholarship distributing ceremony, which every year is given to the best-performing students of the Pokhara University (a scholarship of 20 lacs is given to deserving students.) along with it additional scholarship is provided by the Ritz College of Engineering and Management.

Inauguration of the programBy Honorable Chief Guest Ganesh Kumar Pahadi
National AnthemParticipated by all guests
Welcome SpeechMy.Dayanidhi Adhikari (Vice-principle of Ritz College)
Short Presentation on EducationsMr. Gambhirman Tandukar (CEO of Himal Education Foundation)
Presentation on Hospitality IndustryMr. Suryakiran Shrestha (Consutant)
Speech on academic agendaDr. Ramesh Poudel
Presentation on the scope of BE civilDr. Bal Bahadur Parajuli
Contemporary issue in economic Dr. Govinda Bahadur Thapa
Speech from the old student Ms. Neharika Thapa
Speech from the newly enrolled student Mr. Bhuwan Kunwar
Oath-taking the ceremony for the newly enrolled studentsMr. Gambhirman Tandukar (CEO of Himal Education Foundation)
Motivational speechMr. Bharat Joshi (G.M hotel Crowne Imperial)
Orientation speechMr. Vijaya Kumar Poudel (Chairman of Ritz College)
Closing SpeechMr. Tulsi Ram Rijal (Principal)

Our orientation leaders organize the orientation program to learn more about each other while accustom themselves to the Ritz community. The main aim for newly enrolled alumni is that they feel supported by and connected to the college environment and resources in the territory of Ritz. 

Feel free to contact us for detailed information about the courses, facilities, fee structure.  

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