“A bonding filled with extra-ordinary values & dedication.”


Life in Ritz: Getting a degree isn’t the only reason to join RItz college, it’s also a noble chance for you to meet new friends with different geographic and cultural backgrounds, boost your skills and experience the student lifestyle, skills, and, interests. These people will be on the same journey as you can become a friend of life with uncountable memories.

The seminars, extracurricular, social events, and co-curricular activities available here are sustainable, different, and available for everyone to take part in.  Ritz college is well equipped to begin your successful future. Well encourage and help you all the way and you’ll be able to grab your interested future path.

At Ritz, we are connected. Our approach involves work-integrated learning concentrating on the comprehensive training program as required by the growing industry. We are keen to take your learning beyond the classroom and provide foundations for a stable career. Our college has a communal of motivating professionals; therefore, the professional transition is smooth. When in Ritz, we assure you of a unique experience.

You will earn a qualification that pays you to remain connected with your lecturers, peers, alumni even after you graduate. What makes Ritz College of Engineering and Management distinct from the rest is its; Ritz teaching method underpins the design and delivery of our curriculum. The built prospectus connects student and faculty, encourage active learning, emphasize on effective time management, and respect the diverse culture. It includes:

  • Curriculum combining theoretical and applied learning delivered in the real world.
  • Academically qualified professionals to deliver the course.
  • Learning and teaching approach concentrating on personalized attention.
  • Intensive and comprehensive teaching programs producing work-ready graduates.
  • A regular and systematic review of course to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
  • Inclusion of professional and academic activities.
  • Development of internal process supporting students for their career prospects.

Industrial Training & placement at Ritz

We believe the best received theoretical knowledge when applied practically builds a strong academic foundation. All the graduate programs (BBA, BHM, B.E) include a component of industrial training. An undergraduate needs to go through an internship to get their graduation certificate. The training structures are sure to prepare the students for their future careers in their chosen field of study. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several National and International businesses in a view to give the best training opportunities.

Ritz Differences

  • Visiting scholars, faculty, and experts from various universities and institutes.
  • Personal career counseling for students.
  • Integration of modern teaching methods such as seminars, workshops, training, excursion.
  • Highly equipped infrastructure including a high-tech computer lab, reliable networking system, and unlimited internet facility.
  • Well-stocked library with updated study material, reference books, journals, and newspapers.
  • Suitable classroom size suiting the study requirements.
  • Supportive and friendly campus experience.
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Apply for BBA, BHM, B.E (Civil) course

Special Feature of Ritz

  • Scholarships are provided according to the student’s performance or for deserving students.
  • Set up the circumstance that leads to development in individual careers.
  • Join in students as an associate in the learning process and encourage them for group learning activities.
  • Comprehensive teaching programs generating willing graduates.
  • Involvement of both professional and academic activities.
  • Visiting scholars, faculty, and experts from different universities and institutes.
  • Well-equipped infrastructure to build a comfortable environment for students which includes: computer lab with the latest computer connected with a reliable networking system.

Instruction Method and Approaches

Each program of the college inspires and boosts participation learning: utilize different kinds of interactive learning technologies so that alumni can learn the latest management perspective, tools, and techniques. Different kinds of latest methodologies are applied to develop attitudes and skills for active analyzing, listening, aggregate thinking, and mutual decision making. 

To accomplish the mission goal and vision of the college we provide students with the basic concepts and systematic knowledge in decision making in different conditions. 

Ritz college uses different methods and techniques: Lectures, Group discussions, case studies, Business games, idea pitching programs, seminars/workshops, etc.

Additionally, the outline of eligibility criteria of Pokhara University (PU), Our college examines students’ performance by means of home assignments, class quizzes, group exercises, test board exams. The faculty professors and the principal observe every student’s performance closely. Qualified students can get scholarships also. 

Key reasons to join Ritz 

  • Dependable Foundation

    We are providing quality academic opportunities for students to get an individually created educational program (BBA, BHM, B.E) for students. Ritz enables student development in strong values of acceptance, professionalism, this adds to our student well-being. 

  • Excellent Faculties

    Each faculty head or faculty member is skillful and qualifies with excelled certification in their related majors. Experienced professionals teach the students, the instructors with the latest teaching techniques.

  • Learning Environment

    Alumni are motivated to learn subject matter in a natural way and devoted to practical approach rather than theory to brush professionals’ skills. We offer well equipped practical classroom, laboratories for better understanding where students can visualize their skills and ability towards their associated programs.